Young Girl or The Old Lady? What You See is What You Are.


Look quickly at this picture and remember what you saw first.

Who do you see from the picture? How old is that person? Is it a young girl or an old lady?

You saw the young girl

The girl is looking into the distance and you see her profile on the left – there is the nose and eyelashes. Her ​​hat has the white veil and she is dressed in luxurious fur coat and on the neck she is wearing a necklace.


According to popular interpretations, which, however, is not confirmed by the psychologists, you have the bright nature, youthful spirit and you have an optimistic view of the world.

You saw the old woman

The old woman is looking a little bit down and you see her profile on the left. What was the ear of the young girl is now the old woman’s eye. The line of her jaw is now the nose of the old woman, a necklace is the old woman’s lips, and a hat with a veil on looks on an old woman looks more like a scarf.


If you first saw an old woman it is possible that you are naturally pessimistic and cautious, tend to scepticism and older spirit.


Choose the Most Foolish Person. It Can Tell A Lot About Your Personality.

In life, all possibilities are offered to us. These choices often determine our future and what we choose is almost always determined by our nature. Different people react differently in the same situation. That’s how our brain works. In some cases, these decisions are made at an unconscious level.

That’s why psychologists have made a test that seems “flat” at first. The imposed sense of simplicity causes our mind to react on the fundamental plane without “intervening more deeply in the problem”. So our answers become true. Therefore, our decision in this test indicates our nature.

Your job is to choose the action that you think is the most stupid.

If you answered # 1

You are an extremely fair person with a determined personality. You have your own point of view on everything and you are always ready to oppose the system. Nevertheless, you should be careful about doing things that might be risky for you, just to show your idea to other people.

If you answered # 2

They love to fantasize and their dreams are very daring. Nevertheless, you can somehow turn those dreams into reality. Often people around you do not like you because your opinions may seem extravagant.

If you answered # 3

They are defined by wisdom and emotional strength. Nevertheless, you sometimes try to transfer your obligation to others. You are a nice person who sometimes forces people around you to be friendly.

If you answered # 4

You are a born leader and probably an outgoing person. People around you believe you can count on yourself, even if you have a reputation for being stubborn. Often you make impulsive decisions to think a bit more about your projects and ideas.



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