You’ll want to hang on to your vaccine card — why it may be very important in the future


The vaccine card you’re issued when you get a vaccine will have the name of the vaccine, the date you received it and where you got it.

The CDC says you should keep your vaccine card and recommends taking a picture of it to be used as a back-up copy.

If you’re getting vaccines from Pfizer or Moderna, you will need to take your vaccine card with you when you get your second dose.

What about preserving your card?

Some say you should have your card laminated after both doses of the vaccines have been printed on your card.

Staples is offering to laminate customers’ vaccine cards for free.

Office Depot and Office Max both say they’ll also laminate the cards for free through July 25.

If for some reason you misplace or lose your card, the CDC says you should contact the place where you got the shot directly.

That’s easy if you got it from a chain pharmacy, but not so simple if you were vaccinated at one of the mass vaccination hubs. You can contact the state health department’s immunization information system, in that case.

The state is required to keep records of your vaccination.

Some cruise lines are already telling customers they’ll need proof of vaccination to board.

Crystal Cruise Lines says travelers will need to show proof they have been vaccinated 14 days ahead of travel for its voyages that depart this summer.

Universal vaccination passports are still in the works, but when they emerge, you’ll need to prove you’ve been vaccinated to get one.



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