Woman Who Coughed On and Ripped Off an Uber Driver’s Mask was Charged for Assault


Living in the pandemic has been really hard.

It has been a real challenge for everyone. We are taken by surprise and we are not ready for it. Our usual way of life has drastically changed over the course of the year – and people have different ways of coping in.

Some have adapted to the changes and tried to live the most out of them. Some choose to follow protocols like essentially wearing a mask in public places, tightening up hygiene routines, or just stay home. However, not everyone is in line with this. Some choose not to use the mask, while some have no choice but to go out of their homes.

Yet the stress can just be too much for people and we sometimes act differently.

Take for instance the incident between a woman who is an “anti-masker” who forcibly ripped the mask of her Uber driver and coughing in on him!

The woman was identified as Arna Kimiai, 24 years old who handed herself in to the authorities at San Francisco County Jail after the incident she had with her Uber driver that resulted in a swirl of events. She was immediately taken into custody by the San Francisco police.

On March 7, 2021, Arna had an argument with her Uber Driver Subhakar Khadka which resulted in the assault. The police department issued a warrant against Arna addressed for the assault and battery, conspiracy, robbery, and violation of the health and safety code.

The charges for violation of the Covid-19 health order are just righteously fitting for the situation as the assault endangers the driver’s life especially with the risk of having the pandemic.

However, reports say that the charges for robbery and conspiracy were dropped by the authorities. The charges for robbery were not confirmed yet but Arna is set to have a bond amounting to a whopping $75,000. Though she was temporarily released after paying bail, she still needs to wait for the court hearing to be scheduled.

Local news reports that robbery and conspiracy charges against her were dropped.

Arna, decided to turn herself over as the other passenger who was with her in the car, Malaysia King, was caught in Las Vegas thus leading her to turn herself over after a few hours.

This outrageous incident was luckily captured through a dashboard camera of the Uber driver where it was seen that a group of women was arguing with their driver and one of them coughed on him on purpose – which was already identified as Kimiai. The footage immediately went viral after surfacing the internet.

Local San Francisco Police Department Lt. Tracy McCray guaranteed that this horrific attitude of the assailant will be handled properly for justice to prevail pointing out that it is a blatant disregard for the safety and wellbeing of an essential service worker.

It is such disbelief to hear people acting out this way – in the middle of the pandemic!

To recollect the event, the Uber driver said in his police statement that he picked up the three female passengers at San Bruno Avenue and Felton street around 12:45 noon. While on the ride, the driver realized that one of his passengers was not wearing a mask which is unacceptable as wearing a mask is in compliance with the state and local public health orders amidst the pandemic, thus resulting in the driver ending the ride.

Moreover, the driver insists on not continuing the fare unless all passengers wear their masks. Yet the passengers do not seem to bother and one of them even tried to reach into the rear seat and stole the driver’s cellphone.

When the helpless Uber driver was able to regain his strength, he grabbed his phone and reacquiring it. The suspects fled the scene and went out of the vehicle, however, one of them reached into the open window and sprayed what seems to be pepper spray inside the car.

Thankfully, the two suspects were identified as Kimiai and King, both 24 years of age.

As for the police, they guarantee that they will ensure to put close attention in the case to make sure that justice will be served.

What do you think of the incident?

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