Woman Spends 60 Hours Cleaning Her Neighbour’s Apartment That Hadn’t Been Cleaned in 13 Years

A kind lady named Lucy Ashen turned her neighbour’s poor place of abode into a beauty after giving it through cleaning. Accordingly, she voluntarily cleaned her neighbour’s one bedroom apartment that had not been cared for in 13 years.

Lucy, a mother of three resides from Fulham, London beside an anti-social 76-year-old woman. It was said that the young lady had tried severally to become friends with the old woman but it was always unsuccessful.

One fateful day, the old woman was locked out of her apartment and Lucy helped get her back in through the bedroom window. However, what Lucy saw from the bedroom touched her heart – she saw that the place was untidied with dilapidated furniture, no bed and even poo on the floor.

Source: My London News

Lucy swung into selfless action and then spent 60 hours cleaning the apartment that hadn’t been cleaned in 13 years.

The kind lady also got furniture for the apartment Photo Credit: Understanding Compassion Source: UGC

Reportedly, Lucy identified the needs in the apartment and started a GoFundMe as well as appealed to her friends on social media to help by donating household items and other things that were lacking.

As a result, within 24 hours, Lucy got a bed, clothes for the old woman as well as other household items she had listed.

Kindness of Lucy saw her relationship with the old woman blossom.

Source: Yen.com.gh, My London News, Gofundme, Understanding Compassion

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