Why You Should Think Only About Yourself Most Times At Your Workplace


Supposing you spend 40 hours working a week, you would be spending more time interacting with your colleagues than your friends and family members. Because of this, it is worth creating good working relationships. However, before you start becoming BFFs with everyone within the reach of your cubicle, it is vital to bear in mind that your work friends come with conditions. That needs to be treated with more discretion than the buddies you have outside the office. Not everyone within the organization can really be your friend, as the reality of competition and being the boss’ favorite is a big issue. Don’t Overshare To make friends, you have to share some personal information. But in the workplace scenario, one needs to proceed with caution because professional relationships are quite different. For example, someone from the logistics department may ask you what plans you have for the weekend. You can share details without having to tell them the ins and outs of your activities because you may never know when it would be used against you. Developing work friends can be a mixed blessing, if you take a good look at it. On the one hand, forging deeper, more intimate relationships requires self-disclosure and vulnerability. On the other hand, if a work friendship spirals downward, the person can use personal or sensitive information against you, Remember, not everyone is really your friend or wishes you well, so keep most things to yourself. Know That Perception Is Reality One of the strangest truths you seemingly can never get used is the one that says the way people see you makes up a reality. Well, you may never accept it or even take note of it. But you cannot pretend that the workplace is all about appearances. Looking busy and coming off as productive and innovative actually matters. In the same way, looking busy and actually getting down to business are the same thing. Things are as such because perception equals reality. If people in the office see you as the clown, you probably are a joker and have to take it as so. With this perception, no one would want to bring opportunities to your table. If you are known as a naysayer who does not stay in the office even a minute past 5PM, you are one. No matter how hard you work, things are going to happen along this line. Understand that you have to be visible and be self-aware. The Indispensables Are Favored It is a hard truth, but it is not a lie. If there is a coworker of yours that seems to get away with everything, that is because your boss thinks he is indispensable. That someone is accountable for the majority of the results and the firm has come to rely on him or her. They are favored and get special treatment, which makes others jealous and feel unfairly handled. The sooner you realize this the better. If there is a back to back employee of the month in your office, it is every reason to know that life does not start and end at the company. Things will always be rigged and you may be hung out to dry. So, it’s better you think of yourself most of the time and know how you can develop professionally rather than always mingling with people who wouldn;t blink if you are laid off tomorrow.

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