Why You Should REALLY Listen to Your Child


When your children desire to talk to you and share their problems with you, stop everything and listen to them. There is nothing more important to that.

If you don’t listen when they want to  talk,  they won’t talk or listen when they need your help and advice.  You lose your influence. They grow up so fast. Children should be your first responsibility so take the time to listen!

Listen to your Babies, it might not be important to you but to them it’s very important. Never ignore your kids, no matter how old they are. There will come a time, when they are too busy to give you the time of day! 😥

Nothing is more important then your children. Children are very precious, we have to listen to them. They are our first priority.

I listened to my children (still do), and my grandchildren for Chats and Advice! That is why I have a good relationship with my kids. Always be there to hear what they got to said for real.

Mother’s will always be just that, with their child or grandchild. This is why choose you as the head in this child’s life. 

Your children are a gift of God help them, communicate with them wherever and whenever they need you and even when they’re not asking. Love my children with all my heart and soul ❤

I love my children so much I don’t care what they tell me. They need someone to listen. I will never judge. They are the most important beings in my life ❤

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