Why You Really Should Not Hurt The Ones You Love


The first thing you should know about loving someone and they feeling the same way is that the slightest wrongdoing can feel like an apocalyptic disaster. The old saying that we hurt the ones we love the most actually makes human beings sound horrible. The real truth is that the ones we love are more vulnerable with us, which makes it easier for you to cause them pain. So, let’s explain why you should never hurt them, no matter what.

Because You Do Not Want To

Why would you? Except you are on some kind of destruction meth or really want to wreak havoc in people’s lives, you should be trying to be the best person you can for your loved ones. Regardless of the way they say it could come as a result of a mistake or bad judgement error, hurting someone you care about is not acceptable. Should the consequences of your actions become manifold in the way no one expects, you w0uld end up immensely regretting your actions in the first place. There is never an excuse, so do right by these people.

Emotional Trauma

People shy away from discussing and others want to believe it is all an exaggeration, but hurting people who love and care about you can cause a certain degree of emotional trauma. While hurting the ones you love may come from your own emotional trauma, there is an endless possibility of the mental implications of doing such. These people depend on you to love, care for and protect them from the thorns of the world, so having to suffer what they are running away from from a familiar hand can run deep. You need to be very careful.

Changing The Mentality

Many people today are quick to write off relationships and connections because of the stories they hear about people making the lives of their loved ones a living hell. One would not blame them because some may have actually witnessed the first hand disaster that is a wreck when friends and family act selfishly. Rather than giving it all a chance, they would rather be alone and not give anyone the chance. So, it is up to you and I to change that mentality and not allow it to eat deep into our love lives. People should really stop expecting the worst from each other.

Trust And Honest Communication

The less a person thinks you are likely to hurt them, the more the trust and want to have honest communications with you. It is that simple. They will be able to share their secrets with you and even be free to let out some intimate details about your relationship. But if you hurt them every now and then, they would rather keep these things to themselves and maybe go look for trust elsewhere. So to keep every party in a trusting spirit, you know what you need to do. Or should we say, what you need not do?

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