Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend


A simple yet effective way to put it is that these furry canines are a load of awesome and interesting. From begging you for treats to barking at their leash in a request for a walk and giving you a jumpy ovation on arrival, dogs can do the little things that put smiles on your faces. But that’s not all, as there are many more reasons why these pets have become man’s best friend. 

They Can Reflect You

From the tone of your voice and the language of your body, your dog can go a very long way to mimic your current state of mind. If they find you sad, they will look at you with some big doe eyes. When you are in anger, you will find the fur on their backs rising, sequel to which they will bark and growl at inanimate objects. In contrast, it is not all humans that will respond to your emotional upswings and downslides in the way you would prefer. But dogs will be there in thrill, depression and anywhere in between. 

Dogs Show Us How To Learn

Simply, dogs are better when it comes to ignoring bad advice than their human peers. Researchers at the Yale University’s Cognition Center tasked dogs with retreating treats from a puzzle. They presented the steps to solve the puzzle, but included a lot of extraneous steps in the demo. When it was time, the dogs were smart enough to skip the irrelevant steps. This, if anything, shows that these animals have the ability to filter information. This is something that is emulatable from humans, as children in the same research did not perform so well.

Having Your Back
Even if your dog is not a huge fan of yours, he will prefer you to strangers. When they actually like you, the vehemence with which they will defend you will be more. Is it a creepy solicitor peddling entrepreneurial knocks on your door? Your pet will be there to show them they have to come through something strong before they can get to you. We have heard stories about people being saved from bad situations by their dogs, and all of this goes to show that they more than have our backs. 

Dogs Are Actually Smart
Compared to most animals in the canine family, dogs have shown themselves to be one of the smartest yet. Watching Discovery Channel from time to time will help you understand that with the right training and patience, dogs can do almost anything. They can pull a lot of stunts, assist in tricks and take part in plays that will make you appreciate their intelligence. However, the level of intelligence depends on the breed. While German Shepherds know how to make their owners happy, Boxers just want to be taught anything and everything. 

Helping You Stay Healthy
Do you take your pet out for a walk often? Do you train him everyday? If the answer to those two questions are the same and yes, then you are as well talking a walk and doing some cardio. Dogs can be very challenging and competitive, as such that you will not know when you are pushing your own limits just to bring out the best in them. Apart from that, research has also suggested that having a dog reduces your chance of schizophrenia while helping you stay fit and healthy.

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