While grieving the Queen, King Charles’ staff was sent “heartless” redundancy notices, which enraged them


The world is in mourning following the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Only days before her Monday burial at Westminster Abbey, she lay down for days while Brits had the chance to bid their final farewells.

As soon as King Charles ascends to the throne, the kingdom undergoes a series of important reforms.

Rumors suggest that the decision over whether King Charles and Camilla, the Queen Consort, will move from Clarence House in London to Buckingham Palace has not yet been made.

The King has, it seems, already made a number of other changes, one of which has devastated his staff.

There are claims that twelve employees of Clarence House were informed they would be laid off during the Monday service for the Queen in Edinburgh. Even the King’s secretary referred to it as “unsettling news.”

Elizabeth the Queen made her final trip. On Sunday, Her Majesty left Balmoral for the final time in an oak coffin adorned with a huge bouquet and the Royal Flag of Scotland.

Queen Elizabeth died

The first of several events leading up to her interment on September 19 at Westminster Abbey was the voyage from Balmoral. Her Majesty was then transported to St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, where she will be buried next to her late husband, Prince Philip, who passed away last year.

The Queen’s coffin travelled through the Scottish Highlands for six hours before arriving in Edinburgh on Sunday.

Kilted soldiers carried the coffin to the throne room at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Her Majesty’s official residence in Scotland. As she lay in state at St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh, mourners paid their respects.

King Charles, who ascended to the throne on Saturday, and his three brothers took part in a solemn homage to the Queen earlier this week by erecting a guard of honour around her coffin.

The 73-year-old newly crowned King, in an emotional first speech to the nation on Saturday, paid tribute to his late mother.

The words “her commitment and devotion as Sovereign never wavered, through periods of change and growth, through moments of pleasure and celebration, and through times of pain and loss,” were added by King Charles III in a moving tribute to his wife of 17 years, Camilla, who will become Queen Consort.

She will no doubt bring to the demands of her new position the steadfast dedication to duty on which I have come to rely so much.

King Charles said, “My dear Mama.”

Furthermore, Kate Middleton and Prince William, who are the next in line to succeed Charles, have been given official new titles. They will now be referred to as the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, together with Catherine by their side, “will continue to inspire and lead our national dialogues, helping to bring the peripheral to the centre ground where critical support may be delivered,” King Charles predicted of his new son and daughter-in-law.

Charles stated in his speech that despite the sorrow felt by the nation and the Commonwealth, people will always “remember and grow stronger from the light of her example.” He went on, adding some loving words for his mother:

As my darling Mama embarks on her last great voyage to be with my devoted late Papa, all I can say is thank you, the king said. “ We value everything you have done throughout the years to support and love the international community as a whole. I hope angelic wings take you to rest.

Tuesday, a plane returned with Queen Elizabeth’s coffin to London. As the drive continued beside the A40 highway, tens of thousands of people lined the streets outside Buckingham Palace to say their final goodbyes.

Before the casket was taken inside to the sound of the throng cheering her home, the King’s Guard formed a guard of honour before the Grand Entrance of Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth’s cortege and lying-in-state ceremony

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry went to Buckingham Palace on Tuesday with the rest of the Royal Family. Although their previous dealings with the Family have not been good, there is still hope that as they all mourn her Majesty together, they may be able to set their differences aside and come to an understanding.

Prince Harry and Meghan have remained in the UK after setting out on a brief European tour.

The body of Queen Elizabeth reportedly spent the night in the palace’s bow chamber. Her coffin was afterwards moved to Westminster Hall, where it was kept for four days as a final resting place.

The Queen’s casket was taken from Buckingham Palace and left her official residence on Wednesday for the last time.

On the way to Westminster Hall, which went through Queen’s Gardens, The Mall, Horse Guards and Horse Guards Arch, Whitehall, Parliament Street, Parliament Square, and New Palace Yard, tens of thousands of people paid tribute to her.

In a parade that had been planned for decades, the Queen’s coffin was carried around the capital on a gun carriage.

The King George VI and Queen Mother funerals also featured the employment of the George Gun gun carriage.

Together, William and Harry followed the coffin. They behaved exactly the same after Princess Diana, their mother, passed away.

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