Which One Of His Three Sons Should Inherit His Farm. –

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An old Farmer is trying to figure out how to choose which one of his three sons should inherit his farm

So one morning he decides to give them each a duck and tells them whoever sells it for the most money gets the farm, and all 3 of them set out to sell their ducks.

The oldest son comes back an hour later and says

“i got 10 dollars for my duck dad” to which the father replies “not bad.”

The second oldest son comes back 5 hours later and says “well dad, I got 5 dollars, a basket of apples, and a basket of oranges.”

To which the dad replies “very good son!”

The youngest son is having trouble selling his duck so he decides to just give it away to the first person he sees.

He’s walking past a brothel and sees a nice looking hooker and asks her “you want a free duck?”

She is confused but says yes and then asks him if he wants a free session for it, and he accepts.

After they get done she says that he was so good she wants to go again, and he says sure but only if he can have his duck back.

She agrees, they go again, and he walks out with his duck.

On his way home a car coming down the road startles the duck, it flies into the road and gets hit.

The man driving the car hops out and starts freaking out and says

“I’m so sorry! Here’s 20 bucks for your duck!” the boy takes the money and heads home leaving the duck on the side of the road.

When he gets home the father says “wow you’ve been gone a long time! What did you get for your duck?”

The son says “a f*ck for a duck, a duck for a f*ck, and 20 bucks for a f*cked up duck.”