Which Of These Objects First Caught Your Attention?



Look at the image. In the basement there are various objects. Which was the first one that caught your attention? Then find its meaning.

1. Swing

The swings symbolize your sex life. Maybe at this moment, you feel a lack of privacy. In addition, it can symbolize sexual obsession, which is caused by some internal problems.

2. Boxes

The rectangular containers are a reflection of the personality of the person. What are they full of? What is hidden in them? Do they have transparent walls or can anyone see what’s inside?

If you chose this object, you have something to think about: what are the characteristics of the boxes? Your state of mind will be related to your response.

3. Broken mirror

It means that you feel broken and insecure. It is possible that you are at a crossroads and do not know what to do. Also, it can indicate that two personalities struggle within you, and you can not find your true self.

4. Wheel

The wheel symbolizes the relationship between you and the outside world. If you chose this, then you are in a dead end. You run in a vicious circle and you can not reach your destination.

5. Hammer

It is a sign that you are trying to achieve what you want. You do not even mind using violence if you need it.

6. Doll

The doll represents a connection with your childhood. You are afraid to grow and grow old.

7. Books

Books are a symbol of knowledge and life. However, if they are placed in a basement, you probably lost the meaning of your existence.

8. Work of art in a painting

It is a clear sign that there is complete harmony in your life. You live in complete harmony with yourself and with others.

9. Window grating

This is a sign of isolation and detachment. Probably, at this moment you are experiencing depression or stress. You are anxious, and you do not know what to do. Try talking to someone about that.

10. Broken chair

It symbolizes a stressful period. You’re tired and you need to rest a little.

11. Basket of apples

Indicate that you are on the path to gain knowledge, wisdom and personal happiness.

12. Ladder

The staircase symbolizes the transition to something new. Soon you will reach your goal. But pay attention, this particular ladder does not lead anywhere. Maybe you face difficulties. Only your attitude towards obstacles can predetermine the result: if you lose you will not get anything; But if you overcome all the difficulties, you will get what you want.


The First Thing You See Will Reveal How Impatient You Are With Your Friends

The personality quiz couldn’t be easier. Simply look at the optical illusion below and pay close attention to the first thing that catches your eye. Once you’ve done that, scroll down and find the listing for the first thing you saw.

Once there, read the description to find out just how impatient you are.

1. The Tree

If you saw the tree for the first time looking at this picture, you are the type of person who bends over, bends over and bends and bends until you have to tear yourself apart. Like most people, you can keep your impatience under control, but you’re just human. If you are pushed too far, express it and make your feelings known.

Honestly, it’s the healthiest way. You know when to go with the river and you know when to assert yourself. Down with your green self!

2. The Monkey

If you have seen the monkey for the first time looking at this picture, you are the person often called “the patience of a saint”. It’s not that you’re really good (that is, get rid of Halo), but rather the fun side of life.

You prefer to spend your time searching, not fighting and losing your temper. It’s fine, but you can express your frustration when they appear. Do not forget it either.

3. The Lion

If you saw the lion for the first time at the sight of this picture, you are the kind of person who is patient … until they are not! It is not your patience that is problematic, it is your temperament. You can not help but do it – you want to be friendly and smiling, but sometimes you turn the lid.

Instead of letting your inner lion roar, try to count to ten or get out of the frustrating situation until you have cooled down.