Which Feather Represents You The Most? The Choice Will Reveal Your Inner Power


Take a good look at this image and choose from among these feathers the one that inspires you the most!

1. Intuition.

You are a person who has strong intuitions and who guides you often, and you are rarely wrong. However, in some situations, you still think that the head can defeat your mind. Because of this, you sometimes do not know what your intuition suggests. The best you can do is to trust your intuition more and more of what others are telling you.

2. Generosity.

Your strength, on the other hand, is generosity. They are open and accessible to others and you have no problem manifesting a sincere and selfless love for all the people around you. Even though this personality trait is absolutely normal for you, remember that it does not apply to many people! To live in peace and not to hang material things are your great virtues.

3. Empathy.

Your “power” is empathy! You can understand what people are feeling and you are suffering from other people’s problems, injustice and harm. They believe that inequality is the worst evil in the world, trying to do everything in their power to hope for a better world!

4. Creativity.

Your ability to create something is your inner strength. It’s not just about great artistic talent, it’s about finding solutions and ways to solve problems and establish contactless relationships. They live a life without prejudice, in the name of freedom and independence, which can sometimes be contagious for those around you.

5. Resilience.

If you choose this spring, it means that you are a particularly resistant person, which means that you can learn positive lessons, even in the most difficult situations. This personality trait is as important to your personal growth as to helping people around you. In fact, you are an inspiration and you can guide your friends through the difficulties by finding the utility of everything that seems wrong.


The Rose You Choose Will Reveal The Most Beautiful Secrets Of Your Personality

Roses are the most popular flowers in the world. It is famous not only because of its beauty. Roses can be used in medicine, rose oil is the essential part of our beauty routine. Also this flower can tell more about hidden traits of your personality.

To learn look at the picture below and choose one rose. Then read the answers.

Answer 1:

You are very energetic and lively person. Every day you have tone of plans to do. Sometimes your energy prevents you from having a rest. Just relax and go for a walk!

Answer 2:

You are a totally family-oriented person. Sometimes you give all your power and time ti your family members. Be careful! Sometimes you need to think about yourself.

Answer 3:

You are an emotional type of a person. Sometimes you are so concentrated on negative emotions so you don`t even notice how talented and beautiful you are.

Answer 4:

You are very energetic and always tend to begin something new. The thing is that you often can`t finish your previous project. You need more stability and patience in your life.

Answer 5:

You always think a lot about your future plans so you forgot about your present. Keep your life in balance.

Answer 6:

You are very hard-working person. You know what you want and how you can get it.



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