When Grandma Queen’s initials were removed from his uniform, a friend said that Harry was “devastated” and wanted to avoid looking foolish

The Royal Family moved quickly to implement measures set up years earlier in the event of the Queen’s death once the monarch passed away.

The Royal Family was engaged in work and obligations from her passing on September 8, 2022, till her funeral on September 19, 2022. Prince Harry left the Royal Family as a working member, although he remains a member as a grandson.

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The day before the Queen’s funeral, on September 19, 2022. The Royal Family has been upholding traditions that have been a part of the British monarchy for many years. One of these traditions is the “Vigil of the Princes,” in which the monarch’s heirs keep a silent vigil around the corpse.

All of the Queen’s grandchildren participated in a vigil that was led by Princes William and Harry, and they all gathered by her coffin. In the days preceding up to her funeral, the public had been lining up to see Westminister Hall, where the Queen’s casket had been placed.

Specifically, Princess Anne’s grandchildren Zara Tindall and Peter Philips, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Princess Andrew’s daughters, and Prince Edward’s grandchildren Lady Louise and Viscount Severn took part in the vigil.


According to King Charles’ orders, his sons wore their military uniforms, while their cousins dressed in black to symbolise sadness.

The Queen removed Prince Harry of his military honours when he announced his resignation as a working member of the Royal Family. The Prince has thus far mostly been spotted donning a mourning suit, however he was permitted to don his uniform for the vigil at the Queen’s funeral.

The late monarch’s grandkids kept vigil next to her casket after her own four children did so.

Although it appears that the Prince of Wales and his younger brother have put their differences about standing down from their roles as working royals to the side, there was a very obvious distinction in their military garb for the vigil.


Harry was permitted to wear his military outfit, although it was noticeably different from how it had been before. Usually, his uniform would have been adorned with the initials “ER” for his grandmother, but they had been taken off in this case.

Even though King Charles himself had requested that Harry wear his military uniform for the vigil, a journalist claimed that when Harry noticed the “ER” had been removed, he almost contemplated donning civilian garb. The Prince didn’t want to expose himself by donning his costume without this small but crucial component.

A friend of Harry’s reportedly commented on the matter, stating that “he is heartbroken. It feels quite deliberate to have his grandmother’s initials removed.


The initials “ER” are very significant since they stand in for the Queen. The “E” stands for Queen Elizabeth’s initial name, while the “R” stands for “Regina,” which is Latin for “Queen,” according to Metro UK.

Either “EIIR” or “ER” used as Queen Elizabeth II’s royal cypher. The roman numerals “II” in the other form denote that she is the second Queen Elizabeth. Sometimes a crown is woven into a royal cypher to denote a person’s royal position.

Prince Harry posted a comment about the departure of his grandmother on his website Archewell before the Queen passed away. He described how close he was to his grandmother and how much she meant to him in the statement.

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He spoke of their relationship, the guidance she had provided Harry over the years, and the example she had provided for him. Additionally, he said that he was grinning since his grandmother was no longer with his grandfather, Prince Philip. It must have hurt the Prince to have such a strong relationship with the Queen and to lose her initials from his clothing.

Several occasions honouring the Queen have also been skipped by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In particular, the state event welcomed hundreds of world leaders to London to pay tribute to the late Queen.

According to The Daily Mail, although Harry and Meghan had been invited, they decided not to go because they felt that they had been “excluded” after Buckingham Palace informed them that the dinner was only for working royals.

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It appears that the couple chose not to attend the event themselves, but a friend of the couple revealed that it was absurd that they weren’t there. The friend said, “It is beyond bonkers if they’re not there. To honour the Queen, everyone from all around the world is arriving.

Even if the Sussexes appear to be being kept at a distance for some official events, it appears that the Prince and Princess of Wales have nevertheless extended them an olive branch.

The Sussexes were invited to accompany William and Kate when they made their first public appearance following the Queen’s passing to view memorials outside of Windsor Castle and interact with the public. The majority of those in attendance were shocked and surprised because they had not anticipated the couple’s appearance at all.

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Even Kate said, “We [the royal family] are staying together and sharing each other’s sadness and helping each other survive,” expressing the family’s desire to be seen as one.

Everyone in the crowd was impressed by the two young couples’ coordinated walking and greeting of the crowd. They observed Prince William’s efforts to involve Prince Harry in everything as well.

Of course, it was also reported that Kate and Meghan were not very friendly with one another; in fact, several people believed that Kate had hardly given Meghan any attention at the walkabout.

When asked about the seriousness of the situation following the vigil, Prince William said, “It brought back a few memories. It’s one of those times when you realise that despite your preparation, you are still unprepared.

Prince Harry celebrated his 38th birthday a few days after the Queen passed away, naturally with his wife and without any big public events. Although there were no celebrations, Prince William claimed he was aware that it was his brother’s birthday, according to a UK newspaper.

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