What’s Wrong With This Picture? 90% Of People Couldn’t Spot The Error!


A picture showing a book titled ‘The Tricky Riddles’ has gone viral after people spotted a clever mistake.

In the picture above, you can see a book called ‘The Tricky Riddles’. In the background, you can see several other books and a bushy plant in a blue vase.

On the right side of the graphic, you might also spot a framed picture of a tree.

Hiding somewhere in the picture, however, is also an error that has to be fixed. Find the mistake within one minute to pass your task.

Have you spotted the error yet? You’ve probably figured out that something is wrong with that book in the center. But what?

As it happens, the title of the book is turned upside down. The top of the book is where the bookmarker is and the title should be flipped over!

Did you find the mistake on your own? How long did it take you to crack the mystery?


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