Tragic, Unimaginable events leave community in shock after business owner kills his young two kids


Los Angles, California left in devastation with horrific news after Matthew Taylor Coleman, age 40, of Santa Barbara killed his two young children with a spear fishing gun.

Neighbors are in shock, saying the couple seemed to be a loving family and are saddened by the loss of their 2 year old son and 10 month old daughter that Coleman admitted to FBI Agents, confessing to the killings with a spear fishing gun into their chests.

In the FBI affidavit to authorities, Coleman stated he believed his children would turn into monsters and he had no other option but to kill them. His statement further stated he was informed by QAnon Illuminati conspiracy theories that his wife possessed serpent DNA and it had been passed onto his children.


The family had previously made arrangements for a camping trip when Coleman abruptly left with the children and didn’t return his wife calls or texts, she called police. She told police she didn’t think the kids were in danger and there was no argument.

She said it wasn’t like him to be unresponsive to my calls and messages. She was worried and concerned as any mother would be. Coleman had taken his children to Mexico, near San Ysidro Port. Video footage shows him checking into Rosarito Hotel on Saturday with his children.

The footage shows them leaving early in the morning on Monday and Coleman returning without his children later that afternoon and then checked out of the hotel. Coleman is the founder and owner of Lovewater Surfing School located in Santa Barbara.

Coleman was detained by Border Patrol trying to cross the border. His children’s bodies were discovered by a farm worker in a ditch located near a ranch in Baja, California. The community is in shock and the people that knew Coleman are taken back as he seemed like a loving, hands on family man.

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