To All The Men and Women Who Clean


With the onslaught of Corona virus, there is now an increased awareness of the need for proper hygiene. While we are encouraged to wash our hands constantly and practice all-round hygiene, there are people whose day-to-day job requires them to clean up after others. In schools and offices, airports, and hospitals, we have cleaners and janitors whose jobs it is to keep our environment clean.

At a time like this, these people who have always been important to us and our environs are now more critical. Like doctors and nurses, they put their lives on the line to ensure that our environment is clean. They will have to go the extra mile to ensure that surfaces are not helping to spread the virus. With the need to clean surfaces often to reduce the rate of the spread of the virus, the cleaners and janitors have to work more. These guys are doing a lot to keep us safe. It may not look like that they are not doing anything for us, but in reality, they are doing a lot for us. Imagine the cleaners who work in these public places are not doing their jobs. Imagine how much faster the virus will spread. These men and women put themselves at risk to continue carrying out their daily tasks. They have to do double or triple the work to keep the areas clean. They are not invincible and are also as much at risk as any other person. This still does not stop them from going out of their way to ensure we have a clean environment.

In appreciation.

To all the men and women who work as janitors and cleaners, sanitizing our environment and helping to minimize the spread of the virus, we say thank you. Thank you for your selfless service. We thank you for going the extra mile to ensure that the surfaces are clean in public areas. We know that you are at risk and that you have to do extra work to keep the areas clean. We appreciate all the times you have to wake up early and face the day head-on. We understand that it is not easy. We commend your good work and are grateful for what you do. Even though people want to trivialize what you are doing, some of us know that what you do is essential. It was necessary before the outbreak of this virus and is even more important now. We also know that what you do will continue to be important to us. You are also helping us fight his war on the Corona virus in our own way. Knowing that you are out there keeping the surfaces of our environment clean, gives us a bit of hope. To the general public: Appreciate the janitors and cleaners that work around you. Do not be rude to them. Remember that what they do is also for your benefit. They are not less than you are. Do not look down on them or be rude to them.

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