Time is Like a River


Have you ever seen an hourglass? The sand goes from the top to the bottom. It slips through the narrow neck and settles on the bottom half. Time is like that sand, slipping through the narrow passage. Unfortunately, unlike the sands in the hourglass, time cannot be flipped over and be re-experienced. No. Once time has passed, it has passed and cannot be felt again. See time like the water in a flowing river. No matter the spot you touch the water, you cannot touch that exact water you touched before. Water flows, and while you can still touch the body of water, you won’t touch the water you touched before. That is how time is. Each moment passes by and cannot come back. That is why we need to learn to experience each and every moment.

The slowly ebbing tide of life

Almost everyone has that moment in life that wish they could revisit. It could be out of nostalgia to experience the feeling they had at that moment. It could also be out of regret because of something they had done or something that they should have done. Time ebbs away. There is nothing you and I can do about it. Whether we like it or not, every second that is ticking away signals the passing of time. What we can, however, do is to make sure we experience each moment.

Do it now.

Part of the things we regret is that we didn’t do or say certain things. We wish we could turn back the hands of time to go back and allow us to fix things. Realize this fact; this is the only moment you have. Allow yourself to live every moment. Do not let anger and bitterness still time from you. Be true to yourself. Be happy. Live, love, and laugh. Do you love someone, tell them as often as possible. Try not to use hurtful words on people. You may come to regret it, and it might be too late to do anything about it. Spend time with the people you love. Do not be too busy pursuing wealth that you forget to spend time with your loved ones. Do not put yourself in situations you might regret later. In living life to the fullest, find yourself, and love yourself. Make every moment count. Take the time to appreciate the beauty of life; do not always be in a hurry. Stop and smell the flowers, literally and figuratively. Allow yourself to feel things and experience emotions. A lot of us prefer not to feel because we do not want to get hurt. Getting hurt is a part of life. It doesn’t make you weak. Do not throw away a chance at experiencing love because you will rather not get hurt.

Time waits for no one.

Time is always moving, expecting you to catch up with it. Expecting you live in the moment. It is not going to wait for you to decide. Like the flowing river, it will keep moving, each moment passing by with every breath you take. It is up to you to catch each moment in your hand and hold on to it.

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