Tim Hotel tries to reason with an elderly lady, but she wins the argument.

Some people regard the elderly with suspicion as if they were easy prey. They may attempt to take advantage of them, and in some situations, they are successful. One thing that appears to be lacking in today’s culture is the respect that elders receive, and occasionally the younger generation needs to be taught a lesson. They surprised this older woman with the bill when she came down to check out of the motel. However, she is the one who gets the last laugh in the end.

For her 70th birthday, an elderly lady wanted to spoil herself by spending overnight in a luxurious hotel. The desk clerk delivered her a $250.00 bill when she checked out the following day. She inquired as to why the fee was so exorbitant.

“I agree that the hotel is fantastic; however, the rooms aren’t worth $250.00 for a single night!” This morning, I didn’t even eat breakfast.” The clerk assured her that the ‘standard fee’ was $250.00 and that if she had wanted breakfast, it had been included. She was adamant about getting in touch with the Manager.

“This Hotel has an Olympic-sized pool and a large conference center accessible for use,” the Manager said, despite the desk clerk’s warning. “However,” she explained, “I didn’t use them.” “Well, they’ve arrived, and you may have already seen them,” the Manager explained.

He went on to explain that she might have seen one of the hotel’s notable in-house performances. “We have outstanding artists from all around the world performing here,” the Manager said. “However,” she explained, “I didn’t attend any of those shows.”

“Well,” the Manager explained, “we have them, and you may take them.” “But I didn’t use it!” she exclaimed, ignoring any amenity the Manager had mentioned. The Manager fired back with his usual reaction. She decided to pay after the Manager’s inaction for a few minutes, wrote a cheque, and handed it over to him. The Manager was taken aback when he saw the cheque.

“However, madam, this cheque is just for $50.00.” “You’re right. She said, “I charged you $200.00 for sleeping with me.” “But I didn’t!” shouts the Manager, who is taken aback. “Well, that’s too bad; I could have helped you.” Don’t mess with the elderly!!!

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