Three Women Meet At The Pearly Gates

After dying, three women end up at the pearly gates and are questioned by St. Peter. He asks if they believe they are worthy of entering heaven; to which all answer that they are but they don’t know if someone is waiting for them on the other side.

St. Peter let’s them choose between the unknown or a promise that if they can care for a pen full of chicks, he will ensure that they spend eternity in heaven with the man of their dreams. If they fail, however, they will have to spend eternity with the man from their worst nightmare. All readily agree to care for the chicks, thinking that chicks need very little care.

The first woman starts by giving the chicks corn and water but otherwise stays away from the pen. Soon one of the chicks is trampled and dies. St. Peter is disappointed and takes her to meet a brute of a man with unkempt hair and smelly breath.

The second woman also start by feeding the chicks and tries to keep them away from each other, during this process she herself steps on a chick. St. Peter is disappointed and takes her to meet a man with a vicious scar running across his face and yellow teeth.

Before the third woman’s turn can begin, St. Peter receives a message and excuses himself. He returns after some time with a beautiful man who has a sonorous and musical voice. St. Peter then tells the man that due to him failing to take care of the chicks he will have to live with this woman for eternity.

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