Three Old Men Were Sitting On A Park Bench. –

Three old men – Bert, Arnie and Harry – was sitting on a park bench debating what the meanest animal in the world was.

Bert said: “The meanest animal in the world is the hippopotamus because it’s got such huge jaws. One bite and you’re gone!”

Arnie shook his head and said:

“No, the hippopotamus may be mean but he’s a pu$sycat compared to an alligator.”

“An alligator’s got attitude, and one bite from those teeth, followed by the death roll, and you’re gone!”

Harry thought for a moment before saying:

“As a matter of fact, you’re both wrong. The meanest animal in the world is a hippogator.”

Bert and Arnie laughed. “What the hell’s a hippogator?” they asked,

“There’s no such creature.”

“A hippogator”, explained Harry, “has got a hippo head on one end and an alligator head on the other.”

“Wait a minute!” interrupted Bert and Arnie.

“If he has a head-on both ends, how does he sh!t?”

“He doesn’t,” said Harry.

“That’s what makes him so mean.”Three Old Men Were Sitting On A Park Bench.

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