Three Mosquitoes Were Hanging Out On A Tree. –

Three Mosquitoes named Mike, John and Chuck were hanging out on a tree, checking out the fine female lightning bugs flying by.

They were talking about who could s**** the hottest lightning bug:

Mike sees a bright light fly by and land, he flies over and scr**s it.

He flies back to tell his buddies that she was really hot.

John sees an even brighter light fly by and land, he flies over and scr*ws it.

Flies back and tell his buddies she was hotter than Mike’s lightning bug.

Chuck sees a bright red light fly by and land, he flies over pulls his pen!s out pokes the light and screams, comes back and both of his buddies were happy for Chuck, but Chuck doesn’t look happy.

Mike asks.

“What’s wrong, did she slap you?”

Chuck says. “No.”

John asks. “Did she kick you?”

Chuck says. “No, I think she was a cigarette.”

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