Three Men Find Themselves At The Pearly Gates. –


Three men find themselves at the pearly gates.

The first one approaches Saint peter.

“Welcome to heaven’s highways my friend,” Peter says,

“let me ask you, have you ever committed adultery or cheated on your spouse?”.

The first man admits there was one woman he had dated a while ago, but he apologized to his wife and ended it pretty quickly.

Peter says: “Oh well, at least you were honest, you will get the BMW”. So the guy gets into his new BMW and drives off.

The second man walks up to Peter.

“Welcome to heaven’s highways, my friend,”

Peter says again, “let me ask you, have you ever committed adultery or cheated on your spouse?”.

The second man starts crying. He had, multiple times in fact. But he regrets all of it. Peter sees this and says to him:

“Well, you have been a very bad husband, but at least you show some remorse. You’ll get this old VW Golf”.

After some struggle to get the car running, the second man also drives off into the distance.

The third man, having seen what happened to the guys in front of him, walks up to Peter and says:

“Peter, let me tell you, I have never had s*x with anyone but my wife, in fact, I didn’t even as much as think of other women.”

Peter is amazed and says:

“That’s what I like to hear my friend. You will get this brand new Porsche!”.

The man is super happy, gets into his Porsche and drives off.

Sometime later, they all meet again at a service station.

The two men with the BMW and the VW Golf walking out of a restaurant when they spot the third man with his Porsche.

He’s crying.

So they walk up to him and ask:

“What’s wrong? You’ve been a faithful husband so Peter gave you this super expensive car and the left lane is essentially yours, why are you crying?”

He says:

“I saw my wife back there on the highway”

The two guys are confused:

“But that’s awesome! Now you two can live together happily ever after!”

“No!”, he says

“She was riding a tricycle!”

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