This Wealthy Couple Is Employing A Housemaid. –

This wealthy couple is employing a housemaid. She decides to ask for a raise.

She goes to the lady and asks: “Ma’am, I’d like a raise.”

The lady responds: “A raise? But why on earth? I see no reason why.”

The housemaid says:

“Well, for starters, I cook better than you, ma’am.”

The lady gets annoyed and replies:

“Where does that come from?”

“Well, Ma’am, your husband told me he likes the food better when I make it than when you do.”

Seriously annoyed, the lady interjects:

“I’m not giving you a raise. That’s just your job.”

The housemaid tries again:

“And I’m sorry ma’am, but I’m also better at laundry than you.”

“Nonsense. What makes you think that?”

“Again I’m sorry ma’am, but your husband says, his shirts are better ironed when I’m the one who cleaned them, than when you are.”

Even more annoyed, the lady says:

“okay I’ll have a talk with him. But you’re still not getting a raise for doing your job.”

“Well… I’m very sorry ma’am, but maybe you should also consider the fact that I’m better at s*x than you.”

The lady responds, red with anger:

“EXCUSE ME? My HUSBAND told you that?”

The housemaid answers:

“Oh, no. The gardener, ma’am.”

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