This Puzzle For 6-Year-Old Children Can Confuse Even The Smartest Adults


This riddle for children can stump even adults. It reveals how quick you can engage your logical thinking into finding the right answer.

Are you ready for today’s challenge?

A dog has 4. A duck has 5, s sheep has 3, a cow has 3. A pig has 4, and a rooster has 14. How many of those does a donkey have?

Your task is to figure out the right number for the donkey!

How fast can you cope with the riddle?

It happens that the challenge seems easy one at first glance, but we struggle in finding a solution because we cannot see a different perspective. How about the animal question? Could you figure out the answer?

Here is the right one – the donkey has 4.

The solution is quite easy: Duck – 5 (quack – 5 letters), sheep – 3 (baa), cow – 3 (moo), pig – 4 (oink), rooster – 14 (cock-a-doodle-doo), donkey – 4 (bray).

Was it easy or hard? Let us know how fast you found a clue?

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