This Is What the Heart, Head, and Life Lines on Your Palm Reveal About Your Personality


The lines on your hands are not randomly there. They have meaning behind them and they can tell you about yourself in depth.

Palmistry is the art of reading the lines on one’s palms, fingers, and wrists to gain insight into the person’s personality. There are two aspects to the art. First is the study of the lines called chiromancy and the second is the study of color, texture, fingers, and thumbs called chirognomy. We are more interested in the study of the major lines on the palms, which include the heart, head, and life lines. Each of those reveals a different aspect of our personality.

Life line 

This line starts between the thumb and forefinger and extends to the base of the thumb. People believe that it represents one’s longevity but that is not all it does. It also shows how healthy and energetic a person will be in their life. It can also reveal whether the person would have any accidents or any major illnesses in their life.

Long life line

A long and deep life line shows that you are going to have a healthy life. You will be full of vitality and energy for whatever life throws at you. You will have a positive attitude towards life and wouldn’t dwell on the negative.

Short life line

If you have a short line, it doesn’t mean that you will have a short life. It shows that you are going to be prone to illnesses and might have a hard time due to that. It also shows that even though you are honest and humble, you can sometimes be easily cowed down by others. You might also be too trusting at times and believe others easily.

Heart line


This line is also called the love line and is the first major line of your palm. It starts at the edge of your palm under the little finger and runs across the palm. Mostly, it ends below the middle finger or forefinger. It shows a person’s attitude towards love. It can predict if your romantic life would be a smooth sail or a rocky one.

Long heart line

When you have a long line that ends at the other end of the palm, it shows that you are a straight shooter. It also shows that you are idealistic, faithful, and romantic. You give yourself completely to the relationship.

Short heart line

If you have a short line, which means it is only up to the middle finger, it shows that you are not the most giving partner and can be very conservative. It could indicate that you are a little self-involved and might tend to put yourself first. You may also be an impulsive person, which makes it difficult for your partner to accept you for who you are.

Head line

Also called the wisdom line, it is located below the heart line. This is the second most important major line on your palm and it usually begins from the edge, somewhere between the thumb and forefinger. It would travel across the width of the middle of your palm.

Long head line

When you have a long head line, it ends under the little finger. It indicates that you are a clearheaded person who values balance and harmony in life. You are rational, kind, responsible. You are great at taking up responsibility and leading the way, but you might shoulder too much at times. You need to learn to pace yourself for the longterm benefits to show up.

Long head line

Some people have a short head line which ends under the middle finger. If that is the case, then you are always caught between dilemmas. You have a hard time making decisions and sometimes because it is so hard for you to make a choice, you choose whatever is in front of you. You would do better if you take some time to deliberate on your choices first.

What do the lines on your palm say about you?


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