This 100-year-old optical illusion will tell you something interesting about your personality


What you see in the illusion first, be it a rabbit or a duck, can reveal specific details about your creativity.
Don’t ask me how, but this is an extra special photo!

1. If you saw the duck first..

You’re a total idealist and are always trying to find the good in people. You subconsciously try to solve the issues that affect those you trust and are dear to you. While the world can perceive you as calm and reserved, there’s a strong drive and a burning passion you can see through your art. You are also smart. You can find how to solve problem quickly and solve it easily.

If you saw the rabbit first…

It’s likely that your main interests and passions are not related to material goods and acquiring more things, but rather in deep heartfelt treasures, such as helping others, appreciating and protecting nature, and pursuing higher meaning in life. Your efforts to find and create a state of inner calm will likely be rewarded well, because this is your true nature.


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