There’s A Panda Hiding In These Adorable Raccoons! Can You SPOT It?


There is a sneaky panda hiding among these cute raccoons, can you spot it?

The spot-the-missing-animal photo that was shared in Playbuzz left the internet stumped!

The brainteaser is currently sweeping all over the web, and it left people scratching their heads in confusion!

It is claimed that only one in five highly observant puzzle players can see the sneaky panda hiding in the image.

More than 30,000 brainteaser enthusiasts have tried the challenge of finding the hidden animal, and 82 percent claim to have found the animal in less than a minute!

But the real question is, can you spot the panda even faster?

Try this tricky brainteaser yourself and see how fast you can find the panda!

Are you up for the challenge? Let’s go!

Where do you think the sneaky panda is hiding? Look closely and focus your attention.

The Answer

There’s the sneaky panda! That was tricky, isn’t it?

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