The Teacher Was Teaching Her Class. –

The teacher was teaching her class economics and the value of money.

She gave her class a homework assignment to make some money over the weekend, and then on Monday, everyone would share how much money they made and how.

Come Monday, it was time to share. Little Johnny was the first to raise his hand but the teacher decided not to call on him, and instead call on Susie.

Susie said “I made $15,”

The teacher said “That’s great Susie! How did you do that?”

“Well, I made cookies and sold them to my neighbours.” “What a great idea,” said the teacher.

Billie raised his hand and said,

“I made $30 by selling muffins to my neighbourhood.”

“Wow! Great job” responded the teacher.

Everyone in the class had a chance to share how they made money over the weekend.

Once everyone was finished, Little Johnny still had his handheld high, so the teacher finally called on him.

“I made $2500,” said Little Johnny.

“You did not. There is no way you made $2500,” said the teacher.

“Yes there is”

“Well how then?”

“Well… I sold toothbrushes for $15 each.”

The teacher questioned, “You made $2500 selling toothbrushes for $15 each?!”

“Yep!” Said little Johnny.

“Please explain…” begged the teacher.

“Ok, so what I did was, I set out a table at the end of my driveway, along with some chips and dip. Next to the chips and dip, we’re a bunch of toothbrushes I laid out. I put a sign up that said ‘Free Chips and Dip- Toothbrush for $15’ So people would come and grab a chip, put some dip on it, and say ‘Eewww!! This tastes like [email protected]!!’ And I would say

‘That’s because it is! Would you like to buy a toothbrush?’”

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