The Teacher Is Going Over The Alphabet. –

Little Johnny is sitting in class and the teacher is going over the alphabet.

Knowing the kind of kid Johnny is, the teacher is careful about when to pick him to answer a question.

“We will be going over the alphabet today so let’s start with the letter A.

Can someone tell me a word that starts with A?” asked the teacher.

Every hand in the room flies up ready to answer, including Johnny’s.

The teacher knows all to well that Johnny knows a dirty word that starts with “A” so she picks Susie.

“Apple, A is for Apple.” Replies Susie.

The teacher tells her good job and moves to the letter B.

“Next is the letter B, can someone tell me a word that starts with the letter B?” Asked the teacher.

Again, the room is filled with hands high in the air.

The teacher thinks to herself, I know that Johnny would call me a B!tch for the letter B so I will definitely steer clear of him on this one.

So she picks Billy. “Billy, your name starts with a B, so can you tell me another word that starts with B?”

“Banana, B is for Banana.” replies Billy proudly.

The teacher says, “Good job Billy.”

The teacher goes through the entire alphabet when she comes to the letter Z.

By this time, Johnny is furious.

He has raised his hand for every letter and the teacher has been ducking him every time.

The teacher thinks to herself, “Z, Z, Z, I can’t think of anything that Johnny could possibly say that is bad and starts with the letter Z.”

So she picks Johnny. “FINALLY!” says Johnny as he has been waiting his turn.

“Zebra.” Answers Johnny.

The teacher takes a breath of relief and just as she is saying a good job, little Johnny stands up with his arms stretched out wide and yells,


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