The Right Woman Wants More Than Properties


There is a general assumption that a woman wants properties from the man in her life. You hear things like the woman wants money, cars, pieces of jewelry, and other fancy things. Unfortunately, this mindset has led some men to lose the right women because they assumed they knew what she wanted. Rather than find out what she needs, they bombard her with cash gifts, cars, pieces of jewelry, and other fancy things. It is true that everyone likes to be given gifts and appreciated with them but for the right woman, These things cannot take the place of the real deal.

What is the real deal?

The right woman will take all the cars, the money, the diamonds and clothes and trade them for something bother. She will trade them for something that has more worth to her. She will trade them for you. The right woman knows that money, diamonds, cars, and clothes are nothing in comparison with the love of the right man. With love and respect comes all of these physical properties. She will prefer that you make her your number one priority rather than buy her love with money. She will take time spent with you any time, any day over the most expensive diamonds. Your smile is more precious to the right woman than Topaz. She will prefer your honesty and loyalty to any designer’s bag and shoes. To the right woman, your time and effort are more important than anything you can buy her. Why? Because she knows that all of those things does not indicate true love. She knows that a man can buy her the world and still not be loyal to her. She knows that she can never find happiness in a man who buys her things in place of his time and his love. The right woman knows that the right man will put her as his priority and that diamonds do not include an equal priority. In the long run, a woman who opts for the money, the cars, and the clothes as an indication of true love will come to realize that those actions do not mean true love. Does this mean that the right woman will not appreciate these things? No. Everyone appreciates gifts. To the right woman, these things are secondary, and they are not the focus of her relationship or her time with you. Ordinarily, buying things for the woman you love should be natural. What it should not, however, be is a replacement of your time, your loyalty, or your efforts. This is a grave mistake a lot of men make. They think that buying their wives’ new cars will make up for time spent together or their love. It doesn’t. A man should protect, profess, and provide for his wife. This should be the driving force behind his actions towards her. In buying her all of those things, can she see and feel that you are honest about your feelings for her. Can she see your loyalty? Do your actions tell her that she is your priority? Do you spend time with her? Is she the reason for your smile, does she know this? These are important things to the right woman.

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