The People Who Want To Stay


I always wondered if people would come back after deciding to leave. I was still waiting for the day they came back and I realized that they were messed up or that life was miserable without me. But then, I realized that better than all the chaos, it’s someone who never goes away.

Someone who never goes out when bumpy on the road, someone who never leaves when the rain falls on you, someone who never starts, no matter how many people try to attract his attention, someone every day want to stay.

You deserve someone who never leaves when you tell him about things you are ashamed of, and what happened to you and you promised not to tell anyone. When you talk to them about things you really do not like about yourself and about things you hate about your past. You deserve someone who never walks, no matter how dark.

You deserve someone who never leaves when you tell them how much you love them, how much you really want to make them happy and how you make them feel like they have something you have not felt before. How special they are for you and how you really want to spend your days watching them and sleeping your nights in their arms.

You deserve someone who remains, no matter how passionate you show your love and courage without showing your feelings. You deserve someone who is not afraid of the way you love him.

You deserve someone who never leaves, even if he finds a better job, earns more money or buys a more expensive car. Someone who never leaves when he is the best, when he can find someone he wants, but who chooses you anyway, if he does not even look at all these other “options” to recognize their value because that he knows what he has you know that you are unique. You deserve someone who makes you believe that some people can stay.

You deserve someone who never leaves when things are not so exciting, when life is overwhelming for you, when you are tired all the time, when you are lost and confused and you do not know what to do next You doubt yourself and your abilities. You deserve someone to remind you how you have survived, someone who reminds you of your strength, someone who reminds you of your greatness and someone who reminds you that you can be there myself. I do not want you to be alone this time and they want to fight your battles with you.

Although we all have someone we want to come back to, we should really want someone who never leaves. Someone who had gone before could walk again, but someone who could have walked, but decided to stay, is exactly the kind of person you should be with – that’s exactly the kind of person with whom you deserve to be together.






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