The Lion King Gets Bored. –

The lion, king of the jungle, gets bored.

So he decides to visit his friend the fox and tells him about how bored he was.

The fox says to the Lion

“you know, rabbit lives next to you, maybe you can f*ck with him to pass the time”

“But how?” Says the lion

Fox – “next time you see him if he is not wearing a hat give him a slap and ask him why he’s not wearing one. If he is, you can still slap him asking why he’s wearing a hat..”

The lion, excited, starts making his way home, and lo and behold, the rabbit appears without a hat.

The lion walks up to him and gives him a bitch slap while screaming

“Why are you not wearing a hat?!”

The rabbit, not quite getting what just happened goes home confused

The next day the rabbit goes out with a hat on.. suddenly the lion appears. He walks up to him giving him a slap screaming “why are you wearing a hat?!”…

The same story goes on for about a week before the lion gets bored again and decides to revisit the fox.

The rabbit, sensing something fishy going on, decides to follow him and listen to the conversation.

The lion to the fox “You know it was fun and all but now it’s getting kinda boring.. what else do you have for me?”

The fox thinks for a second and answers “this time ask for a cigarette.

If he gives you one with a filter, slap him and ask for one without filter and the other way around.

The lion got excited again and takes off to look for the poor rabbit.

The rabbit, having heard the conversation, prepares himself this time.

A few minutes pass and there comes the lion walking up to him and says “give me a cigarette!”

“Do you want one with or without a filter?” Answers the rabbit while smiling

The lion looks surprised for a moment.

Then he slaps the rabbit while screaming

“Why are you not wearing a hat!!”