The Circus Arrives In Town. –

The circus arrives in town with a novel act – make the bull elephant kneel down and win $1000.

After watching various people trying everything Jimmy steps up to the elephant and gives it a mighty kick in the [email protected]

The elephant collapses and its owner, cursing Jimmy’s foul methods, hands over the cash.

The circus moves on to the next town and Jimmy, recognizing a good opportunity, follows along.

Once again the good townsfolk are trying to make the elephant kneel and once again Jimmy steps up to deliver the painful blow and claim his reward.

By now the elephant’s owner is getting concerned for his elephant’s health, so he decides to change the act.

The next day Jimmy turns up but the owner stops him and says that now he has to make the elephant nod its head then shake its head to win the prize.

Jimmy walks up to the elephant and says,

“Remember me?”

Elephant nods.

“Want me to do it again?”

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