Thank You, to All the Generals at the Front of the Corona War


In the fight against Corona, there is an entire set of persons we often overlook. We forget that these people are going above and beyond to make sure that the fight against this virus is won. In some countries, doctors and health workers are working overtime to handle the increasing number of cases of people who have tested positive for the Corona virus. These people are humans too. They are also susceptible to contracting this virus.

Rather than self-isolate and stay away from people, our medical doctors and health workers are at the forefront of this fight. A lot of health workers, doctors, and nurses would not have become infected if they had decided to save themselves. Some of the early cases reported were nurses and health workers, and they continue to be exposed. These are the people we have to really show our love to.

These are the men and women who go out of their ways to make sure that everyone has a fighting chance. Although the Corona virus has cases of people recovering from it, there have also been cases of people dying. The doctors and health workers are giving their time, their life, and their energy in making sure that every person who has tested positive for the virus recovers. Oh, what a marvelous sacrifice. Knowing that these people are putting their lives on the line for us, we cannot help but be grateful to them. They are putting their lives at risk, taking care of those who have tested positive for the virus. In some countries, these doctors get very meager hazard pay. Regardless of what they go through, they are still out there fighting the war. Another set of persons who have been total superheroes are the scientists who are endlessly carrying out researches, trying to find a way to end this menace once and for all. They are sacrificing their time and their health to ensure that a solution is found.

We thank you

To all the doctors, health workers, and researchers who are putting their lives on the line, making sure we get a winning edge against this virus, we say thank you. We appreciate the sacrifice you are putting into ensuring that we have fewer deaths on our hands.

To everyone Stay calm

Do not get into the trend of panic buying. Practice good hygiene. Get tested early if you have symptoms and self-quarantine. This is not the time to travel. Be kind and polite to doctors and nurses. Be kind and polite to cleaners and janitors. Do not insult the people who work in grocery stores. Avoid large gatherings. Always wash your hand and use your hand sanitizer. Avoid respiratory fluids from getting into your mouth or nose. Wear a mask if you are sick. Cough into your elbows and do not touch your mouths, nose, and eyes with your hands. Remember, we are all in this together.

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