Take Your Clothes Out To Air.

Please take your clothes out of the wardrobe regularly to air them and allow them to stand in sunlight.

Recent studies have shown that clothes kept in wardrobes during lock down will shrink!

There are many down sides to lock down and one of them is the fact my clothes have started shrinking. I don’t know whats been going on.

But I took out some jeans that I hadn’t worn in the last few weeks and all of a sudden they don’t fit any more. I tried squeezing in them but they was just so uncomfortable now. They fit fien before we had to lock down.

I’m not sure why, but I thought I better send out this to others in the same situation. Check your clothes! Make sure you take your clothes out to air them and get some light on them so you can stop them from shrinking. It is scary how fast it happens without you noticing. But without realising I’ll be coming out of lock down without any clothes fitting soon. So I really hope this tip works!

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