Such souls are hard to find


When you have a friend who checks on you and wants the best for you without motives, keep them dear. Such souls are hard to find.✍️

Love to my amazing loyal friends who have kept me strong and I am truly blessed to have the most awesome friends. This kind of friends really rare but your good deeds  bring you some of them. I have a friend who has never given up on me and calls for no particular reason and always check on me and care about me. I love you with all my heart. Thank you for being there when no one else cared and you still are truly an angel.

I like being that friend and am, but have realized that I have very few people in my life who do the same for me. Thank you! for being the most beautiful friend and constantly checking up on me making sure I’m ok. I been very blessed with you. Thank You God for bringing such friends into my life! I also do my checking up to make sure my friends are doing well. Thank you and right back at you. It’s such a comfort knowing that I have you that I can count on. You know it took me a while to let my wall down and trust, and I’m SO thankful that I did!!!  I can only hope and pray that I am half the friend to you in return!!

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