Stop looking for a partner


“Sometimes you just got to stop looking for a partner, focus on your goals and rebuild your life. The right person will eventually find their way to you.”

When Two People Are Destined For Each Other, They Will Always Find Their Way Back

People often wonder about the course of their lives and the role of fate in them. Some firmly believe in destiny; Some people think that some things are destined to happen and not to happen.

They believe that all the experiences they have gone through and every single one that they are yet to go are all predestined and it’s all a doing of fate. However, that’s not all to believe. Some people do not really believe in destiny and we are divided like that.

Because while half of us think that life is a series of events determined by destiny, the other half thinks destiny is what we make it be, that we write our own destiny. If there is any such thing as destiny at all, then the course of chance can be decided by us.

It can be twisted, turned and altered according to our wants and efforts. Some people think that life is in fact what we make it be. The rest of us think in neither or believe in both these notions equally, and they’ve somehow managed to find their balance. They believe life goes on. Something we can control and other things are out of our control. Some only believe in the power of their love.

Other people believe that fate is what you make it. You must go out and actively take a role in shaping life to bend fate to your will. Nothing will ever happen unless you are willing to take a chance and start to stack the deck in your favor. With effort, you can start to tip the odds to have a better chance of getting the things you really want out of life, including the romance of your life.

By improving your love prospects, you will have a better chance to meet the person you are most suited for. This can include traveling far, meeting a lot of people, making lots of new friends and taking chances in love. Putting yourself out there and never being afraid of rejection is the best way to put yourself in the way of love, thereby ensuring that you are available for the right person when they come along.

When two people find each other after years of searching for the perfect match, the heat of their love affair can feel incredibly intense. They have already tried many other partnerships, some of which have been satisfying in their own way – for a while – but none has quite so perfect as this one. Other relationships pale in comparison to this perfect compatibility, and the couple starts to lose themselves in one another.

This heightened bond is very tender; it can even be frightening if one or even both partners have never experienced it before. This newness can cause people to pull away even though they still love the other person very much.

The happy couple can feel devastated when a seemingly perfect relationship comes to an end. Something so ideal was certainly meant to be, right? This new bond forged by fate can be very intimidating and even though people say they are ready for it, not everyone is prepared for what a destined relationship really requires.

Sometimes a trial run is required before they are truly prepared to commit to the relationship. This is why people pull away even from a perfect relationship. Even if you have struggled to find an ideal match, you might feel intimidated by the depth of the bond you feel with another person; it can be a very heavy thing.

Whether you believe in destiny or if you think you are responsible for making your own destiny, if you are supposed to be together with your ideal match, forces beyond your control can conspire to bring you back together.

After all, you have invested considerable energy in preparing yourself to be together. Even if you had to walk away for a short time, you can come back to the relationship renewed and prepared to commit to them. Fate will give you another chance. There is always hope, so long as you are ready to fight for them.

Don’t give up on yourself or on the relationship of your dreams. There is the perfect match out there for you. If you have found them and perhaps walked away from them, fate will give you a second chance to be with them. Don’t be afraid of being together; fight to win them back and then commit to that perfect relationship.