Son placed his mother in a nursing facility and only occasionally paid visits to her


Do we ever stop to consider the adage “what goes around, comes around”? We frequently perform certain activities without fully understanding how they will affect other people. Fortunately, life always finds a way to show us that we need to be a little more considerate.

One man realised he could no longer care for his mother and opted to place her in a nursing facility after his father passed away. She wasn’t content there, and he just occasionally paid a visit.

He received word one day that his mother’s condition had gotten worse. She had no emotion at all. In actuality, it appeared as though she was passing away.

The son arrived at the nursing home promptly. He immediately entered his mother’s room and enquired as to whether there was anything he could do to help.

The mother made a few demands while looking directly into his eyes. After hearing that, he declared that he would do whatever to grant her last desire.

The mother went on to say that she wanted the fans replaced because they occasionally caused her to suffocate and didn’t function correctly. “If you could also modify the fridge… Because the food had gone bad, there were days when I went to bed hungry,” she continued.

The son was taken aback. He believed that his mother was unaware that she was about to pass away. Then he questioned her as to why she hadn’t told him everything before. It was already too late.

“I know I will die, but I think of you when your children won’t want you near to them either,” the mother continued as she peered into his eyes. They’ll bring you here, too. Then, you’ll discover superior circumstances… You receive what you give… Don’t overlook that.

The son’s heart was torn to a million pieces by these remarks. When he left his mother in the nursing home against her request, he was aware that it was a mistake.

We must never lose sight of the fact that it is our duty to ensure that our parents enjoy their golden years.

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