Some People Will Only Love You When You Stop Loving Them


Some people will not like you until you leave.

When you stop giving them the support they took for granted, when you stop sending them the sweet news they do not know, when you no longer greet them with open arms, when they knock on your door in the middle of the night and if you do not wait for his call on the phone anymore.

Some people in life will never realize how much you really love them until they realize that no one can love them like you.

Until they seem to find no one to love all the things they are always ashamed of, who looks at them as if they are the only thing they could ever want in life, and finally makes them feel protected to the house and protected from all the problems of the world.

Some people will not try to get your attention until you stop giving them yours.

When you stop becoming your biggest fan, when you stop pleasing all your contributions, when you stop calling them in the middle of the day to tell them how much you love them, when you stop buying them things When you stop to want to drop everything to be there for you when you need it.

Some people in life will only try to win you when they realize that they have completely lost you.

When they realize that you have other options in life. When they realize that someone can love you better than ever.

If they realize that they do not agree to be an option and not a priority. When they realize how selfish they have been for so long and that they never made you feel that you were important.

Some people will miss you only if you forget them.

If you forget to call his birthday, if you forget his favorite song, if you forget his secrets and if you throw his memories. If you forget what you felt.

Some people in life will learn to respect you only if you decide to leave.

If they realize that you have compromised enough. When you start remembering all the moments when you have completely avoided them, just see them smile.

If they finally appreciate when they forgive them again and again. If it suddenly hits you, you’re gone because you’ve had enough!

Some people will only love you if you stop loving them.

If you do not miss the touch of his hand or the sound of his voice. When they can see that you have changed, and you no longer look at them as you are used to. When you stop thinking about them before going to bed or going past their house to make sure they are fine. When they are finally ready to open their hearts after breaking their pieces. Some people will never have the opportunity to love you because your heart belongs to the one who does not have to lose you to learn to keep you.