She deserve better


1. A woman is unstoppable after she realizes she deserves better

2. “If you don’t feel lightning in your bones, don’t stay.”

3. “You deserve a love that won’t keep you up worrying. You deserve a love that feels like home. A love that is certain. A love that makes sense.”

4. “You deserve love and security, a combination that warms the core of your heart. You deserve knowledge that the person you are with wants to be there and, more importantly, won’t run away when times get tough.”

5. “We accept the love we think we deserve.”

6. “Someone is going to love you, simply because you are worthy. And each touch, each kiss, each word that leaves their lips will show you what you’ve been missing all along.”

7. “You deserve a teammate. You deserve someone that has your back. Underneath it all, you deserve a friend.”

8. “You deserve to be loved; and loved extraordinarily well. And to be told that you are loved, every single day.”

9. “I hope you find what you deserve. I hope you discover the type of love that you’ve wasted upon others. I hope you understand that what you demand is never too much.”

10. “You deserve the love that fights for you, keeps you and stays with you whatever happens.”

11. “You don’t deserve to be half-loved. You deserve to be loved wholeheartedly. You deserve someone who is willing to fight for you, someone who doesn’t use lame excuses for their lack of attention or someone who is always too busy to make time for you.”

12. “Know what you deserve and accept that there is something bigger meant for you. Wait for the love that will be every bit worth the wait.”

13. “You deserve love not because you’re a ‘special woman’ or an ‘amazing man,’ but because you’re a human being. Every single person alive is worthy of love.”

14. “You can’t force a relationship. You can’t force love. You can’t force the tingles, the butterflies, or the goosebumps, even down to the very last one.

15. “You deserve to be loved. Even now, with all of your flaws. However difficult you think you are, there is someone out there who will love you.

16. They will hold your hand through your anxiety. They will be there for you even on your worst, angriest days. They will allow you to grow and evolve in the way you need. And even when you make mistakes, they will take the time to understand you and forgive you.

17. Love is not a thing that needs to be earned by changing yourself from the person you are.”