Selfless Mother Chooses To Sacrify Her Newborn Daughter So She Can Save Lives of Others

A mother named Krysta Davis has lived through this nightmare of hope and then devastation. When she was pregnant with her daughter Rylei, she learned that the unborn child was suffering from a series of complications while in the womb.

The mom was sadly informed by her doctors that her unborn daughter suffered from anencephaly. This is considered a f*a*tal birth defect that is defined by sections of the skull and brain not developing properly.

If babies were born with the condition, most do not often live more than a few minutes. In many cases, the parents decide to terminate the pregnancy before the birth because of knowing that there is no chance for survival.

Davis made the difficult and brave decision to not terminate the pregnancy. This mom wanted to carry Rylei as long as possible so that the baby could go on to help other sick infants in need of organs.

Rylei Arcadia Diane Lovett was born on Christmas Eve. The baby weighed in at six pounds. Rylie sh*ocked both her parents and doctors when surviving for an entire week.

Photographer Clarissa Tilley gave up so much of her time to document this precious week so that Davis and Dereck- her partner Lovett would have so many sweet reminders of their daughter to hang on to forever.

After Rylei left this earth, her mother selflessly donated Rylei’s organs in an effort to help as many other people as possible. Spirit of Rylei will certainly live on forever because of this generous act.

Source: APOST

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