Rocky The Rooster Is Taking His Son Out Of The House. –

It is a beautiful summer’s day when Rocky the rooster is taking his son out of the house for the first time.

“Son,” the rooster says, “today you will become a man!”

The young rooster jumps up and down in pure excitement. “What are we going to do dad!?”

“Well son, my buddy Jeff told me there is a new chick arriving today at the farm at the end of the street and we, my son, are going to f*ck her! You’re gonna love it!”

Excited dad and son rooster set on a journey to the farm at the end of the street.

Along the road more roosters join them, all with the same goal.

All have heard about the new chick and want to be among the first to f*ck her.

When they finally reach the house, the party of roosters has grown to about 10 roosters.

Upon seeing this gang of roosters, the new chick immediately realizes what’s going on and starts to run for her life, which in turn enticed the roosters to set chase after her with the young rooster running next to his dad, yelling and laughing.

After a few rounds of chasing this gorgeous young chick around the farmhouse, the little rooster yells:

“You were right dad, this is great! But I’m getting tiered tough so I’ll just f*ck one more round and then I’m heading home!”

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