Rising Every Time You Fall Is One Way To Prepare For Flying


Everyone has had their fair share of falling, even in times when that did not seem like an option. Regardless of the force which led to the fall being strong or not, we can all agree that it can be quite embarrassing as a physical occurrence. As time goes by, it is easy to get over some of them. But there are other falls that have the ability to leave a forever scar. No successful person made it up there without failing a few times. In spite of being a part of life’s learning process, the shame that comes with it can be more painful than the actual fall. It is ironic, but the number of times you get up is preparing you for a full flight.

Feel The Pain And Forgive Yourself

You may feel like denying the situation or take the fall for granted. But you do not have to. Rather allow yourself to be vulnerable to the way you are feeling. If you are infuriated for being laid off by the firm you work for, be angry. If you are depressed that your spouse served you divorce papers and left, accept that you are sad. Sometimes, validating how we feel by our own selves help to make us not bottle them all up in a guise. Next, forgive yourself. No one can truly hurt themselves intentionally, except when they are making a sacrifice. When life knocks you down, it is normal to feel as though it is because you let your guard down or that your efforts were just not good enough. No matter how long you blame yourself, you need to at some point forgive yourself. All the successful people in the world have failed themselves many times, but how did they recover? Self forgiveness.

Keep Getting Back Up

Infants learn to walk and fall in the process, but they always rise again. As they do, they begin to adopt new strategies for walking, better ones. From being a novice walker, the baby becomes an experienced stroller. The point is, when experiencing the pain of falling, infants also realize that the pain is not permanent, which makes them keep trying. The lesson from that experience is that there is always a better way to reach your goals. Believe it or not, experiencing success is impossible without recording some failures. Growth will not happen if you refuse to change the way you approach life. Do not focus on the fall and the same that sometimes comes along with it. Instead, focus on getting back up. The more you keep doing this, the more the wings for flight will develop—which in context is a newer, better strategy. You can stand before you crawl, You can’t run before you walk. You run before you sprint. You sprint before you jump. You jump before you fly. The power is essentially not in the fall, but in the strength, the growth, the glory and success that is of the rising.

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