Rabbit Teaches His Rabbit Son Life Lessons. –

Father Rabbit teaches his Rabbit Son life lessons.

So Father Rabbit takes four female rabbits and lines them up in front of his son.

“Son”, says Father Rabbit,

“We are small and vulnerable animals, and everyone in the woods wants to eat us. That’s why we have to do everything really fast to stay safe. Including reproduction. I brought these four beautiful ladies for you to practice in safety. First, I’ll show you how it’s done, and then you’ll try it. Look closely.”

Father Rabbit approaches female rabbits.

“One-two-three-four!” he shouts and bangs all four females in less than one second.

“See, all four of them are now fertilized. Now you do it.”

“Okay, papa”, says Rabbit Son.

“One… two… three… four!”

“That’s too slow, son”, says Father Rabbit.

“Consider yourself eaten. Go again.”

“Okay, Papa, I’ll try”, says Rabbit Son.

“One, two, three, four!”

“That’s better, but still not fast enough”, says Father Rabbit.


Rabbit Son inhales deeply.

“One-two-three-four-five, oh, I’m sorry, papa!”

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