Queen’s “favourite” grandchild underwent eye surgery and is paid $8 per hour for her work at a garden centre


The royal family is frequently associated with a luxury lifestyle in which one doesn’t even have to move one inch. While some royals may fit that description, the younger generation appears to be breaking from that trend.

Particularly Lady Louise Windsor, who, like many young adults, took a job paying the minimum wage before enrolling in college.


From her four children, Queen Elizabeth II has eight grandchildren. Although Prince William and Prince Harry are the two who are most well-known to the public, the monarch holds her other grandchildren in great affection.

The Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward, is the youngest child of the Queen. He is the 14th in line to the throne of England. The Countess of Wessex, Sophie, and Prince Edward are the parents of two children.

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Their daughter Lady Louise Windsor, their elder child, is now 18 years old, while their son James, viscount Severn, is currently 14 years old.

Lady Louise Windsor had recently completed her high school diploma, or A’levels, and was looking forward to starting university. Her academic performance guaranteed her a spot in Scotland’s St. Andrews University, where she would major in English.

She enrols in the university where her cousin, Prince William, spent his formative years before earning his degree in 2005, following in his footsteps. He also met Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, at the institution, where they are now married.


Lady Louise took up a job to pass the time, just like many students who find themselves with free time after finishing high school as they wait for their results and the start of university.

The position was hardly glamorous, though, as one might anticipate for a royal. She was a helper at a gardening supply store. She worked on the tills, welcomed customers, pruned and potted plants, and performed other duties at the garden centre.


She worked many hours several times a week to make the minimum wage of £6.83 per hour—roughly $8—that is required for workers in the UK who are 18 years old.

When the young prince was seen working at a garden centre, many were horrified. One customer remarked, “I didn’t believe I’d ever see a grandchild of the Queen working in a garden center.


“I knew the cost of living situation was awful, but I didn’t imagine I’d ever see a grandson of the Queen working in a garden centre,” a another customer said.

As a young child, Lady Louise Windsor experienced a considerable amount of health issues. She had to have extensive eye surgery when she was just 18 months old. Esotropia is an uncommon eye ailment that she was born with.

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One of the affected eyes rotates inward as a result of the disorder. As the eyes are the last organ to develop during pregnancy, Sophie, Countess of Wessex once informed media that the ailment her daughter has, esotropia, typically affects premature infants.

The initial procedure did not go as well as they had hoped. Since there is no quick treatment for the condition, it required some time to become well. It was up to the medical staff to prevent one of her eyes from dominating the other.

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When the young prince was 10 years old, another operation was carried out, and the results this time were positive. In an interview, her mother Sophie stated, “She’s well now – her eyesight is excellent.”

When Lady Louise turned 18 last year and declined the invitation to work for the royal family. It is not unexpected that she declined the invitation given her mother’s statement that her children should not use their royal titles in adulthood.

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The Countess of Wessex stated in June 2020 that it was unlikely that her children would use the HRH title after they became 18 years old.

Regardless of their children’s royal rank, the Countess of Wessex and the Earl of Wessex have always worked to provide a “normal” existence for them. Their children have grown up understanding the importance of having an honest work and being able to support oneself.


The fact that young Lady Louise works at a garden centre suggests that their wish for their kids to have their own careers and hold down regular employment has come true.

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