People Caught on Elevator Cameras Doing the Most Unexpected Things

The music from the elevator doesn’t help you get to the top floor any faster, so what do you do while you’re waiting impatiently? You may tap your feet to the repetitious music or punch the button on the panel in the hopes of speeding up the elevator. Some people do insane things. These folks would dance, kiss, eat, and do even more outrageous things if they didn’t know the elevator cameras were watching.

Elevator Cameras Caught People Doing The Most Unexpected Things

One word comes to mind: creepy.

An elevator person in a high-end hotel will frequently assist you. They greet you with a smile and inquire as to the floor you intend to visit. Not this guy, though. You’ll jump out of your skin when you see this man waiting for you in the elevator. Thank you very much for letting us out on the next floor.

One Word… Creepy

For the Love Of It

We’ll let you decide whether this is a romantic gesture or just vandalism. We can see that this girl isn’t afraid to tell everyone in the elevator that she loves them. We’re guessing, though, that not everyone in her building was pleased. But, when it’s in the name of love, what can you do?

In The Name Of Love

Dance As If No One Is Observing

We might all do a dancing workout to relieve stress and loosen our muscles from time to time. Being a cop and all, this guy appears to have needed it. Perhaps he had forgotten that the elevator had a camera. We can understand why he wouldn’t want to dance in front of his coworkers.

Dance Like No One Is Watching

Eat as though no one is looking.

Your pizza must be delivered hot, fresh, and without any missing pieces! This element of the training was overlooked by this delivery driver. Maybe he was hungry on the way up and didn’t believe anyone would notice. Always keep an eye on your pizza, kids.

Eat Like No One Is Watching

Friday the 13th

These cops were overjoyed to enjoy a few drinks after a long week on the job. No one expected them to break out into a dance that rivalled a Hollywood musical. When they entered the elevator, the cops couldn’t contain their excitement.

Freaky Friday

Makeup And Kisses

Indeed, this couple’s chemistry hasn’t faded yet. It’s possible they had a fight or haven’t seen each other in months. Whatever it is, we’re just pleased we’re not third-wheeling in the elevator…

Kiss And Make Up

a cryptic message

We can see that women can at least maintain control, stop the male, and leave a letter for him. Regardless of what the note read, the man seemed pleased.

A Secret Note

The Terror Elevator

Imagine entering an elevator and hitting the floor button only to have the elevator accelerate faster and faster. The elevator is then shaken, and the power is turned off. You’d be nervous. Then you realize you’re on the top floor. But, thankfully, it was all a set-up.

Elevator Of Terror

Falling To Pieces

Consider entering an elevator, hitting the button, and then waiting for it to rise. Then the floor vanishes, and you’re sucked into a black hole. Isn’t it terrifying? Fortunately, this was only a Japanese media company’s hoax. You get covered in slime and slide down to a gentle landing after falling through the ground with this outrageous prank. After all, it’s not so frightening. It honestly sounds like a lot of fun!

Falling Down


In this film, we witness a man and a lady alone in an elevator. When the elevator doors open on his floor, the woman follows the man out. What’s interesting about this clip is that woman reappears and enters the elevator a few minutes later…


Make sure your eyes are dry.

We’re not sure why the woman is furious, but she’s not afraid to express herself. She begins to cry alone as she returns to the elevator. Is it possible he had to go to work? Maybe he was her lover, and he dumped her? This woman cried from floor 1 to 25, which is a lot of tears!

Dry Your Eyes

Officially apprehended

After leaving the office for some fresh air on a Friday night, this guy hit an elevator button and waited to be transported downstairs. But then he noticed it was stuck; none of the buttons were functional. He wanted to call for assistance, but his phone was still at his office. He was imprisoned. This guy was stuck in the elevator for 41 hours and out of his mind. He didn’t have any food or drink, so things didn’t appear to be going well. He was rescued the following week, thankfully. That’ll teach him not to leave the house without his phone!

Officially Trapped

The Rule of Five Seconds

In the elevator, this guy goes over here, eating his favourite bubble gum. As he passes through each floor, he chews loudly and then blows a bubble. However, as he blows his bubble, the elevator doors open, and the gum pops, landing on the floor. This guy picks up the gum from the floor in a snap and spits it back into his mouth!

5 Second Rule

Would you please not Interfere With Her?

When we step into an elevator with a stranger, we want them to be cool, calm and collected. We don’t expect them to act like a total child by playing with the doors and pressing all the buttons. The woman, locked in an elevator with a childish male, decided to teach him a lesson by going full-on karate and hitting the man to the ground with her body! This is not a gal to mess with!

Don’t Mess With Her

Invader of Personal Space

Imagine if the individual with whom you’re sharing an elevator had an uncontrolled impulse to stretch a few inches away from your face. The obnoxious woman raises her leg at a 90-degree angle, almost brushing the other woman’s face with her footwear. You can tell what this woman is thinking: she’s itching to get off.


Breakthrough Moves

This guy took the phrase “dance like no one’s watching” quite seriously. He busts his best moves as soon as the elevator doors close, in an intricate dance that would make Michael Jackson jealous. When the elevator arrives at its destination and the doors open again, he steps out into the corridor and does a brief moonwalk for the camera.

Personal Space Invader

Couldn’t Take It Any Longer

Another meal delivery guy couldn’t resist the tantalizing aroma of the hot food he was meant to deliver. He checks to see if he’s alone, then stealthily opens each packet and eats a little bit of everything, even opening one container and drinking a sip of soup!

Busting Moves


In this film, a team of employees carefully places a big sheet of glass into the elevator. They even set up a little stand on the ground to support the sheet and ensure it was not destroyed. Unfortunately, the sheet of glass is too lengthy to fit into the elevator: they made a colossal error. The doors close, and the glass is dragged higher as the elevator descends to a lower floor. Then it shatters. Come on, fellas… You only have one job!

Couldn’t Resist


This petite boy waits for his father to enter after him, keeping his hand in front of the motion sensor. Then he had an ‘excellent idea. The child sticks the handle of his umbrella through the doors hoping that the sensor will detect it and keep the doors open. But boy, was he wrong. The elevator closes and derails on the umbrella. The youngster was locked inside for hours until a crew could open the doors and safely remove him.


Storm Troopers who dance

This man was in an elevator, minding his own business and conversing on his phone, when this crew walked in, replete with a man dressed as Darth Vader. They all start dancing wildly in the crowded elevator, while the man on the phone seems perplexed and a little afraid.

Dancing Storm Troopers

More Secret Kisses

Here’s a pair that couldn’t deny the instant attraction they felt when they locked their eyes in an elevator. They exchange glances but don’t say anything. A few seconds later, they steal a kiss and exit the elevator together. We hope everything works out for you.

More Furtive Kisses

Lady Joyful

We’re not sure what transpired in this woman’s life to cause such a cheerful grin. Her arms are bent at the elbows, and her hands are clenched into fists in the worldwide “winning” signal. Maybe she just got the vast promotion she’d been hoping for. Maybe she’s just relieved that there’s no one else in the elevator.

Happy Lady

Sub-zero temperatures

This naïve woman is going to step into a Mortal Kombat scene. But why is this guy dressed like Sub Zero, you might wonder? We can’t help but wonder. He could be bored or attempting to break the ice with a woman he wants to talk to. Let’s hope she recognizes Sub Zero and doesn’t flee or scream.

Sub Zero

Wheel No. 3

This was an elaborate hoax devised by some guys for their YouTube channel. In the elevator, the two actors kiss and make the other passengers as uncomfortable as possible. Although disgusting, the candid footage they acquired from spectators squirming and trying not to stare is priceless.

Third Wheel

“Are you all right?”

This unusual clip was captured in an elevator in an office building. This guy was having a horrible day. Maybe he was just laid off? Maybe he’s suffering from a migraine? The older gentleman inquires about his well-being, but the man remains silent. The man gets out of his dress shirt, annoyed and perplexed.

“Are You Okay?”


This gang of mischievous kids was playing in the elevator at their building. The two kids, accompanied by a small girl, sneak in with glee. What occurs next melts hearts. In a grey sweater, the boy kneels on one knee, removes a plastic ring from his pocket, and proposes to the little pink girl, who nervously backs into a corner.


A Catch-22 Situation

The red-haired woman is looking right into the camera as the two women walk into the elevator. She appears to be irritated by the fact that it is present. Then, when the doors open, she takes a wad of gum from her mouth and applies it to the CCTV camera’s lens. I’m guessing she values her privacy.

Sticky Situation


This brave kitten lives in an apartment building in China. She opens her apartment door and goes for a walkabout every morning, according to her owner. She then walks into the elevator after waiting for a while. She adores taking the elevator, and everyone in the building ensures that she exits safely.

Puurr Fect


This clip was shot in an elevator in Mexico. Notice how the blue guy attempts to get as far away as he possibly can? That’s because the man is dressed as a beekeeper and is holding three crates of swarming bees. It turns out that this was a joke intended to make other individuals in the elevator laugh.

Trapped With Bees

Robbers in the Elevator

This individual is having a very horrible day. He minded his own business when a group of six masked men barged into the elevator at the last second. But don’t worry, it was all a joke perpetrated by a man’s friends to give him the scare of his life.

Elevator Full Of Robbers

Get Down And Boogy (Down And Boogy)

This woman either didn’t realize or didn’t care that the elevator security camera was recording her. She had an irrepressible impulse to boogie as soon as she walked in. She twerks, sways, and bounces on her own, then snaps out of it as soon as the doors open, as if nothing happened.

Get Down And Boogy

Additional Dancing

This woman, too, couldn’t control her want to dance; she’d give Beyonce a run for her money. She slides down the elevator, leaning on the handrail for support, bobbing her head from side to side to music that only she can hear. This video indeed has improved the day of the security personnel.

More Dancing

Awkward Shoe

This sad woman, dressed in a power suit, walked out of the elevator as if nothing could stop her. Her high-heeled shoe became snagged in the gap between the elevator and the wall as she exited, sending her flying. With an ashamed expression on her face, she scrambles to extricate her shoe before the elevator door closes. Whew. Isn’t it true that no one witnessed that?

Shoe Gone Awry


This woman patiently awaited the elevator, but when it arrived, her expression sank. In the elevator, there was a mobile disco, a mirrorball, dancing guests, and music. Instead of laughing, she went away and up the stairs. Some people are adamant about pleasing.


Unusual Person

In the film, two men enter the elevator and wait in awkward quiet for their floors to be called. The younger man begins to move erratically as if he’s performing The Robot to music that only he hears. The elderly gentleman watches with disapproval, but he doesn’t say anything before exiting.

Strange Man

Puppies Should Be Free

Many companies nowadays allow customers to bring their pets in, but this woman would learn her lesson. The leash became jammed in the elevator, and the puppy was on the verge of dying. Thankfully, a quick-thinking man rescued the day and the dog.

Free The Pup

Your Exit Is Being Blocked

Imagine being trapped in an elevator for two hours. Isn’t it going to be a long and arduous experience? What if, when the door finally opens, you come face to face with a solid wall? That would terrify you even more. However, one of the men locked in the elevator decided to act quickly and punched a hole in the wall to climb through in a matter of minutes. This daredevil had no fear as he squeezed into the hole. Thankfully, he was able to seek assistance.

Blocking Your Exit