People can’t decide if this handbag is blue or green in tricky optical illusion – so what do YOU see?


THIS mind-boggling optical illusion is blowing people’s minds as they can’t decide if this handbag is blue or green.

In fact, nearly two thirds (63%) of people see a green handbag, while 37% of participants see it as blue – so what do YOU see?

Do you think this handbag is blue or green?


Gala Spins is behind the whacky illusion and partnered with Bhavin Shah, Behavioural Optometrist at Central Vision Opticians, who explained exactly how and why we see different images and colours.

Bhavin said: “In this case, there isn’t enough information or context about the object available, so the brain has to apply its own processing and create a reality that it feels is correct.

“Some people will process the colour as if its indoor lighting and others as if it’s outdoor, which is why people see different colours.”

Bhavin explained that most optical illusions work because “our eyes take in optical information from the light and our brains have evolved to create a reality based on that information.”

Gala Spins previously shared this illusion too and 71% of viewers could see the orange dots moving on the purple background while the rest couldn’t

57% of viewers said that the blue spots on the green background were moving for them, and for the rest the pattern was still

However, there are “lots of potential sources of error that can result in the brain interpreting something differently” he said.

“The brain has lots of ways that it fills in missing information based on experience, learned visual responses and understanding of the world and context,” he continued.

“Optical illusions occur when there isn’t enough information or context about the object, so our brain has to fill in the gaps, meaning different people see different things.”

Karina Adrian, Head of Brand Marketing and Partnerships at Gala Spins, added: “What we love about optical illusions is the uniqueness of what people see, and how they allow people to put their own spin on things.



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