Parents Of Trans Kids Urged To Flee Alabama As Total Ban On Trans Youth Healthcare Passes


In the wake of a recently proposed bill that is deemed a threat to the trans community, a trans woman has issued a warning to parents of transgender kids in Alabama, nudging than to take their kids out of the state as soon as possible.

The Woman, Marie Willa, has taken to the video-sharing platform, TikTok, to air the emotional plea, just after it was confirmed that the Alabama lawmakers had proposed a bill that bans medical practitioners from providing gender-affirming treatment to trans people below the age of 19.

In the video, Maria warns parents with transgender kids to get them out of the state while they can, given reasons that suicide rate could heighten among young nonconformists.

“Tonight, I come to you on a very serious note with an important warning and a plea for help. If you are a parent to a transgender child who is not up to 19 years of age and lives in Alabama, get out now. Get your child out of the state to anywhere safe.”

“They have just made it a felony to provide any form of gender-affirming care to any person below the age of 19. This is going to propel teenagers to commit side, and at an unprecedentedly high rate. Please get your children to safety. Get yourselves to safety. Help us,” she pleads.


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This is coming after the Alabama State lawmakers voted to pass Senate Bill 10, a bill that will make it a Class C felony for medical practitioners to provide gender-affirming treatment or medical care to transgender persons under the age of 19, regardless of the circumstances or the criticalness of their condition. The bill also prohibits the administration of hormones and puberty blockers to trans teenagers.

Anyone who flouts this rule could bag themselves a 10-year jail term or be made to pay a fine of $15,000.

If the bill eventually sees the light of the day, teachers and all staff within the state of Alabama will be required by the law to inform parents or guardians of a child if they observe that ‘a minor’s perception that his or her gender is inconsistent with his or her sex,’ reported Pink News.

This a really huge blow to the trans community, as it would legally require schools to uncloak trans kids to their parents or guardians.

While bills similar to this have been proposed in other legislatures across the United States, that of Alabama is the first that would directly hinder a transgender kid’s medical decisions, even if they have the support of their parents.

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Meanwhile, the news of the proposed bill didn’t sit well with many, as the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama have come out with a statement, saying the bill ‘runs counter to the medical science that drives standards of treatment for trans and basic human dignity’.

Also, Alisson Scott, director of impact and innovation for the Campaign for Southern Equality, said the bill could put transgender children in danger.

“According to this bill, they can’t go to their doctor for help, neither can they find comfort or seek counsel from their teachers.

If their parents or guardians cast them away for their identity, where will they turn to?” asked Allison.



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