Only people with eagle eyes can find 3/4 in under 30 seconds, can you?


The following puzzle focuses on numbers in place of letters. Fractions, in fact. As you’ll see, there are a host of 1/4 fractions in the box.

Somewhere in the midst of all of them is a 3/4 hiding. Just one. Can you find it in under 10 seconds?

Wow, It’s not easy, take your time.

Can you find it?

Bellow is the answer, check it!


Try to find the odd one out in other pictur?

1. In the picture below, you’ll see a square full of O’s. Lurking amongst them is a small number of Q’s. Your job is to find these imposters – all of them – in under ten seconds.

2. Can you find the open lock



  1. There are 9 Q
  2. Line 4, column 5



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