Only 3% Of People Can Spot The Odd One Out In All 5 Levels


Find The Odd One Out’ is a simple and fun learning game for everyone. Visual learning games help both to improve and maintain various cognitive abilities. See if you can quickly identify which image is slightly different from the rest. One of them is different, and as you move further along they become more challenging to solve! Test your attention to detail with this fun and exciting game. How long will it take you to find them all?

1. Can you find the odd one out? Level 1.

2. Find the different one! Level 2.

3. Spot the odd one!Level 3.

4. You’re doing great!Level 4.

5. Keep going! Level 5.

Were you able to spot all of the odd ones? If you did, congratulations! and if not, keep practicing and you will surely improve! If you managed to find all of them within 30 seconds, then you are among the 3% of people who have an amazingly quick attention to detail!

Bellow are answers:


2. The odd peach

3. Yeah

4. Here is the answer:


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